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Are you aware of the significance of orthodontic treatments when caring for malocclusions? Did you know that misalignments with your smile can lead to further oral health issues if they are not treated properly? It’s true, so it is important to apply orthodontic treatments and seek out preventive care to ensure that malocclusions do not destroy your smile. Listed below are common types of malocclusions:

– Spacing malocclusions arise when there are voids between teeth, or your teeth are too overcrowded.
– Crossbites arise when your upper and lower jawbones do not link up.
– An open bite is a situation in which the top and bottoms of your teeth do not link up properly.
– Rotation malocclusions come about when you have a poor rotation with your teeth.
– Transposition malocclusions are known to occur when teeth do not erupt in their proper positions in your mouth.
– Underbites are situations that arise when the lower incisors do not link up with the upper incisors.
– An overbite is a situation in which your upper incisors protrude out past your lower incisors.

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