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Have you been putting off having a cavity treated? If so, you might also experience intense sensitivity in the tooth, or a possible toothache. Many teeth in this condition can also be prone to significant chips and discomforting dental fractures.

If you have a tooth in this condition, you really should consider seeking professional treatment from a dentist like Drs. Rivera and Obeid. Left untreated you could be placing yourself at risk for suffering a dental abscess or the eventual loss of the tooth.

Diagnosing the severity of the problem is an essential first step in developing a treatment plan. Our dentist might need to X-ray the affected tooth to make sure the critical core structures haven’t been hindered by tooth decay.

If the problem area is simply limited to the outer enamel layer of the tooth our dentist might be able to treat it by performing a dental crown restoration. A treatment process like this requires the dentist to carefully excise whatever remains of the original tooth enamel layer, before replacing it with a durable material that will not be susceptible to further tooth decay.

In the future you should make a proactive effort to attend your routine dental checkups, which will allow our dentist to monitor the overall strength of the dental crown, while also helping to catch any minor cavities before they turn into a major problem.

If you have noticed something wrong with one of your teeth, and you are in the Chicago, Illinois, area, you should consider calling (773) 327-6500 to have it treated at Family Dental of Roscoe.