Are You Taking the Time to Prevent Cavities?

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Cavities can pop up any age and at any time. They are often seen in children because of the amount of sugars kids are exposed to. Cavities form when the tooth enamel protecting our teeth wears down and a hole in our tooth is formed. Plaque, which is a sticky layer of bacteria in our mouths, uses ingredients such as sugar to create harmful acids used to break down your tooth enamel. Are you taking the time to learn what you can do to keep your mouth safe?

– Do you practice optimum oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once daily?
– When brushing and flossing, do you always use cleaning tools that have been approved by your dentist or feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance?
– Do you avoid foods that can linger in your mouth long after eating them and can leave you susceptible to cavities? This includes sticky snacks, chewy sweets, or gummy treats.
– Do you use any type of supplementary dental cleanser for your teeth after meals, such as sugarless gum, mouthwash, or a water flosser?
– Do you schedule and attend your bi-annual professional cleanings from our dentists at Family Dental of Roscoe?
– Do you maintain a healthy diet filled with nutritious foods and drinks?

To prevent cavities, make sure you are following the aforementioned treatment techniques for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. If you would like our dentists and team to bring you in for an oral exam or professional cleaning, please contact our dentist office in Chicago, Illinois, by calling us at 773-327-6500. Have a fantastic day!