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Dental crowns offer many unique uses to improve your oral health. There are many ways to utilize a dental crown depending on your unique needs and oral health condition. For some, it can be used to protect a tooth, while others, a dental crown can complete a dental implant restoration.

Whatever your need for a dental crown is, our dentists, Drs. Rivera and Obeid with Family Dental of Roscoe in Chicago, Illinois, are happy to share some information on what dental crowns are and their use can include.

Here is some insight on dental crowns:

-Dental crowns can be applied to the surface area of a tooth like a cap to cover up all sides of a tooth.

-A single dental crown can last for decades.

-Not only can a dental crown improve the function of a tooth, but it can also drastically improve its visual appearance.

-Dental crowns can cover up the following restorations and prosthetics: dental implants, dental bridges, root canals and dental fillings.

-For children at high risk of dental erosion and cavities, dental crowns can be used as a prevention treatment plan to cover up vulnerable teeth.

-Do you have any unsightly teeth you wish to conceal? Lucky you, as dental crowns can help!

As you can see, dental crowns are highly effective and helpful to your oral health. If you need assistance with a dental crown, or if you think a dental crown can be effective for you, then please call us today at (773) 327-6500 to make an appointment. Our dental team is happy to give you a dental exam to see if a dental crown is right for you!