Fun Facts About Dental Fillings

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Cavities can be eradicated with the help of dental fillings. Dental fillings are designed to eliminate cavities from a tooth and prevent their return. Dental fillings can be applied with an assortment of materials based on the needs of your smile.

Dental amalgams have been in existence for a very long time, over 150 years in America, and remain relatively unaltered from their previous incarnations. Although they are much more precise and effective these days, the formula remains simple, as it has a proven track record of safety and success. Although amalgams are mixtures of metal substances bound with mercury, a potentially toxic material, it has been shown to be safe at low levels.

Composite fillings, also called tooth-colored composites, offer a slightly more unconventional form of dental filling. Using modern technology, composite fillings can be used to replicate the look of your teeth. Furthermore, they can easily be repaired or replaced without the need to remove the original filling.

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