How to Protect Your Teeth From Age

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You probably know that you’ll have to do a few extra things if you’re hoping to stay healthy as you get older. However, would you be surprised to learn that there are also a few extra things you’ll need to do to keep your teeth strong as you get older? In fact, even if you’ve been brushing and flossing your teeth well for years, there are a number of issues you should watch for.

For instance, as you get older, we recommend watching for common signs of gum disease. If you see blood after cleaning your teeth or experience sudden sensitivity, we suggest scheduling an appointment with us as at your earliest convenience. Red or swollen gums are other common issues you should watch for.

You should also watch for signs of dry mouth. You see, saliva is actually quite important because it helps you fight off bad breath, enamel erosion, and carries food particles away from your teeth. Without saliva, you may be more likely to have tooth decay and cavities. Sadly, you could be more vulnerable to dry mouth as you age since you’ll potentially take more medications. Since you’ll be more likely to have dry mouth, you’ll also be more likely to have gum disease.

You may also think that it’s perfectly normal to lose teeth as you age, but this isn’t true. Issues such as gum disease and tooth decay will actually leave you more likely to lose teeth, but can usually avoid these issues by brushing and flossing regularly. Following a diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet can also help.

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