Oral Health Essentials: Tooth Extractions

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To make sure a person’s mouth remains healthy, there are moments when teeth need to be extracted, either because they have failed or they pose a risk to other nearby teeth. When a tooth needs to be removed, it is important for a patient to plan for recovery treatments before and after the extraction.

If you like to work out or partake in any heavy labor, do not engage in any until your body has had ample time to rest post-surgery. Getting plenty of rest is always one of the most crucial steps in a surgery, and a tooth extraction is no different. Furthermore, take medications that you have been prescribed but only exactly as indicated.

If you notice any swelling, use ice packs. If you have any pain, use heat packs or approved pain relievers. To prevent serious complications including choking, do not eat or drink anything until the anesthetic has worn off. If any other issues or problems should arise, always contact your dentist first.

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