Porcelain Dental Veneers Resist Deep Stains and Give You a White and Winning Smile

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If you consume dark foods and beverages on a regular basis, there is a chance you struggle with chronic tooth stains. While minor surface stains can often be removed by whitening toothpaste or strips, moderate to deeply stained tooth enamel often needs professional whitening treatment.

Another alternative to successful whitening treatments is to have your dentist, Dr. Nidal Obeid, install dental veneers over the teeth in your smile. This will restore the luster and appearance of the teeth, especially because the porcelain material is not as receptive to future stains as your natural tooth enamel. The net result is that your teeth will remain bright and white for many years to come!

The first step of treatment involves Dr. Nidal Obeid examining each tooth in your smile. If one of your teeth lack the sufficient enamel to anchor a veneer, they will likely recommend having the tooth restored with a porcelain crown.

After all of your teeth have been thoroughly examined, your dentist will take a detailed impression of each tooth that is intended for a veneer. This impression will be sent to the dental lab where the veneer shells will be formed.

Dr. Nidal Obeid will call you back into Family Dental of Roscoe when your veneers are ready. Then, they will use a drill to remove a minuscule amount of the enamel from the face of each tooth. The veneers will be cemented into place.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic staining issues or other imperfections in your smile, you should call Dr. Nidal Obeidat 773-327-6500 to learn more about dental veneers in Chicago, Illinois.