Solving Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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In most cases, if you have an injury to your mouth or teeth, you will know it right away. You may have pieces of a broken tooth, or blood; or you will feel the the pain caused by a cavity or an abscess. But not all damage to your teeth is easy to spot right away. You may have a cracked tooth and not be aware of it. In many instances, a crack in your tooth may be so small that your dentist can miss it during a regular exam. Some cracks do not even show up on dental x-rays. So how will you know if you have a cracked tooth?

The best indicator of a cracked tooth is pain. Keep in mind that this is not a constant pain. It may be sharp or dull, but it will not last long, and usually it occurs when you are biting down or chewing on something. In order to help the dentist locate the crack in your tooth, you should make a note of what you were doing when you felt the pain, and where it occurred in your mouth. Depending on the severity of the damage, your dentist may be able to fix the problem with a crown or a filling. If the pulp has been compromised, your tooth may require a root canal. If the damage is extensive, an extraction may be needed.

If you have been experiencing an intermittent pain in your tooth, or if it is just time for your regular cleaning and exam, our dentist, Dr. Nidal Obeid will be happy to see you. If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area and would like to make an appointment at Family Dental of Roscoe call 773-327-6500 today. We look forward to seeing you with a healthy smile.