The Purpose of Mouthwash

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Mouthwash is an effective and beneficial liquid that should be used in your oral hygiene routine each day. In addition to brushing and flossing, rinsing completes the cleaning job and improves your oral health and smile appearance.

There are two different types of mouthwashes in the world today, and each one can benefit you in its own way. The purposes of these two rinses are:

-Therapeutic mouthwash: This rinse can improve your oral health more than you know. It can reduce the plaque growth in your mouth, decrease your chances of developing gum disease, and prevent tooth decay. This rinse can also deeply clean your smile and strengthen your chompers with fluoride.

-Cosmetic mouthwash: This rinse can beautify your smile and give you fresh results. Some washes successfully whiten the teeth throughout time while others freshen your breath and give you a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Please remember to rinse your smile at least once a day when you are done brushing and flossing. Rinsing will help you in more ways than you might realize, and our Family Dental of Roscoe team encourages you to use an ADA-approved product daily. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about mouthwash in Chicago, Illinois, please call us today 773-327-6500 now and talk to your dentist, Dr. Nidal Obeid, or a member of our dental team!