Types of Cosmetic Dentistry That We Offer

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Cosmetic dentistry has uses that exceed simple aesthetics. There are many treatments that repair teeth that can cracks, breaks, chips, or fractures. Other services can replace teeth that have been extracted due to decay. Cosmetic dentistry can also allow you the size, shape, color, and feel you desire for your teeth.

If you are seeking to improve your smile, here are some forms of cosmetic dentistry:

Dental crowns: These are caps that are placed on the top of damaged teeth in order to stop, and help avoid further damage, to the tooth.
Veneers: These are strong shells that are customized to the shape of your tooth and then bonded on the front of the tooth.
Dental Implants: Dental implants are artificial teeth that are installed into the jawbone in order to allow you to permanently replace any of your lost teeth.
Teeth Whitening Treatments: This cosmetic service is designed to whiten your teeth in order to enhance your smile.

If you would like any of these types of cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, Illinois, please call Family Dental of Roscoe today at 773-327-6500 to schedule a consultation with your dentist Dr. Nidal Obeid. We look forward to helping to restore the health of your smile!